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Image courtesy Anthony Del Grosso


Painter. Illustrator.

My personal work deals largely with the struggle of change. Change in environment, culture, and within myself. I typically start with a small sketch and expand them with large blocks of color onto wood. My style is largely inspired by the traditional southwestern and Native American art, tapestries, and sculpture which was passed down and decorated my home and the homes of my loved ones. Much of my work is an attempt to archive emotions that encompass my life through the years that I would have trouble expressing with words. 


Beedallo grew up in Los Chavez New Mexico, a small strip of farmland between the village of Los Lunas and the city of Belen. She received her BFA in Illustration from the Southwest University of Art in 2018, and has been operating under the name Beedallo for the entirety of her career. Her clients include the Australian experimental noise band Pleasure and the New Zealand pop singer Benee. She is currently based out of Albuquerque and has shown in local galleries such as 1415 Gallery, Downtown Contemporary Gallery, and Secret Gallery. 

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