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Painter. Illustrator.

The Matanza series is an impulsive response to numbness. I’m afraid the algorithmic way we view media allows us to stay in our own bubble of comfortable consumption. This series is a way to expose the nerve. To show what is hidden under the skin, and to not shy away from the complicated and often painful emotions of a world in constant distress. This series is also an invitation to turn fear into humor. To make the ugly beautiful, and the painful absurd. A reminder that to feel the bond that ties you to your family unit, you sometimes have to go through the abyss together. For a place to feel like home, sometimes you have to be away from it. To sit and really feel how heavy your heart is, so you know when to rest. A Matanza in rural New Mexico is a party in which a pig is slaughtered and shared in the community. It was traditionally a way to ensure everyone had fresh meat for the winter. Viewing the viscera of a slaughtered pig so close to a celebration full of love and joy served as a bitter-sweet memento mori for many growing up. I hope I can share those emotions with these pieces.

Beedallo grew up in Los Chavez, a small strip of farmland in Valencia County, New Mexico. Much of her work is an attempt to combine her love of cartooning with traditional folk art and imagery passed down from her family to express conflicted, and often surreal experiences with the land, family, and tradition. She is currently based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico and shows in several galleries in the area. Some of her international clients include the experimental noise band Pleasure, and New Zealand pop artist Benee.

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