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Big Head

Leathermaker. Designer.

Patrick Falance, the the maker behind Big Head Leather was born and raised in Santa Fe, NM. After living all over the western United States, Falance recently relocated to Albuquerque.


 I have always had the desire to create something with my hands and found the right medium in leather. The more I worked with it, the more I began to appreciate the way it feels, the durability, and most importantly, the way it smells.  My products are all made from naturally tanned and ethically sourced cowhide that changes and forms to the user over time through natural patina. 


I consider myself a minimalist and that is where I draw inspiration for my products.  The goal with my craft is to create a piece that has the look and feel of being handmade while keeping my lines and circles as perfect as possible.  I take tremendous pride in creating accessories that people carry with them every day so each step in the design process has been meticulously scrutinized down to the millimeter. 


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