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Chris Easley


As an artist I am interested in pushing the dimensions of space through the application of color in order to produce a transcendental viewing experience. By removing my preconceptions of what I am doing and staying in the focal moment, which is concentrated on the abstracted fragment of what I am looking at, I build images.  The good ones move and transcend their subjectivity... unfolding deep in flat space to mirror the viewer’s contemplative mood.  The bad ones are analyzed and accepted as building blocks. I am constantly stealing from other artists and my environment. That has manifested itself into a process - not a style.  When I paint outdoors the subject is corner to corner - and the focal point changes. This defies the traditional single point perspective that many paintings have. In my paintings, the single point is the part of the painting the viewer is looking at - and as the eye goes through and around the canvas - that single point changes… as does the experience of looking at the work. In this respect I reject the notion that I am making paintings of, in fact when painting I am empty.  All titles come after the painting is done. Many times I will change the title. Titles are definitive, and my paintings change because of my empty approach. This emptiness allows the paintings to unfold and live true in unique ways for the contemplative viewer.


Chris Easley is originally from California. Today he lives and paints in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  He has been painting on his own for over twenty years pushing and breaking himself to make the best paintings he can. He can often be found painting in open air in various parts of the city.  If you see him please feel free to say hi!

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