Kevin Luis Beltran


Born in Los Angeles, California ~ Raised at home in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico ~ Residing on Tewa Land, Northern NM Rio Grande Valley.


Having been raised on a sovereign native reservation in western New Mexico, attended high school and college in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, and lived in rural Northern NM, I’ve seen the real side of what New Mexico has to offer. As a Native Person and Person of Color, my experiences and path through life has shaped how I choose to document landscapes, people, structures and ways of life. New Mexico is known for our one of a kind landscapes and surreal sunsets, but we often forget about the importance of acknowledging and paying homage to the original Indigenous caretakers that have blessed this area since time immemorial. We need to remember to move through these lands and spaces with respect and gratitude to those original caretakers in mind. You Are On Native Land. My deepest hope is that my work will speak directly to my fellow New Mexicans and reflect back to them both the beauty and the challenges faced in these places we call home. My work is shot on a combination of film and digital cameras, with a particular focus on framing my photos in a way that grounds them to the land, capturing the relationship between the large and small, the near and far, and the Earth and Sky.