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[Points in Indian]

A Guided Group Show

Littlebird teamed up with Lapis Room art gallery for a workshop opportunity. Over two sessions, he guided participants through the process of finding the starting place, acknowledging hang-ups, and deploying breakthrough techniques to transcend themes of ego, impermanence, and perfectionism. Littlebird conducted performances and exercises in a series of "Coyote Strategies" to immerse participants in his own personal art practice. Using these techniques, our artists created their own works. FUSION | 708 is proud to display the art from this workshop in a group show along with Littlebird’s work.


Contributing artists include Jesse Littlebird, Eric Martinez, Kate Meier-Bolintineanu, Polo Garcia, Cindy Ritzman, Judy Johnson, Dave Stein, Aryon Hopkins, Jana Pfeiffer, Vanessa Hoffman, Carmen Peer, Grant Magnanelli, ZaZa Mugnolo, Mike Radigan, Gus Liakos, Jackie Freedman, Scott Miller, and Meg Grgurich.

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