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Pol Corona

Painter. Muralist.

Pol Corona (Villargeil, France, 1987) is a self-taught painter of French-Argentine descent, currently living and working in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2001, he began his practice as a graffiti artist in Madrid, where he spent most of his childhood. Moving to Buenos Aires with his family in 2004, Pol underwent significant personal and professional transformations. There, he quickly became part of the burgeoning street art scene, self-organizing collective murals and other personal projects through which he established himself as a central agent in the city’s muralist movement. His highly stylized figurative draftsmanship is characterized by a sensible palette of flat colors. The faces that permeate his body of work portray a certain feeling of awe and ingenuity, particular to those timeless creatures that explore the relationship between human beings and nature, fantasy and the simplicity of the imaginary.      


Pol was the curator of “7 Murals”, one of the most relevant and lasting projects in public spaces of Buenos Aires, which saw the completion of twenty-five murals, one publication, several artistic residencies and three group exhibitions across the country. His paintings and murals have been exhibited in festivals and galleries in South America, Europe and the United States.  

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