Story Origin:

Walatowa Pueblo (Towa) aka Jemez Pueblo.

This Pueblo is located NW of Albuquerque in the Jemez

Mountains. Walatowa translates to “this is the place”.


Story Summary:

This story has to do with envy and wanting what others have.

One day while on his travels Coyoté came upon two young fawns

playing and singing. When he inquired as to what they were

doing the fawns explained that they were admiring their new

antlers. Coyoté became very envious of their beautiful antlers

and asked where he could find a pair. They explained that they

were gifted by their mother. Out of envy he went on a search and

found a pair of antlers and asked the fawns to help him fasten

them. They agreed but explained it would not come without great

pain. He was so infatuated with the idea of how handsome he

would look with them that he agreed despite the pain. The young

fawns took a stone and drove the antlers deep into his head. He

howled in great pain as the fawns ran away. This is how Coyoté

learned that coveting what others have only leads to great pain.


Jewelry, concept, and stories told by

Leah Prada Harrison of Yoté Jewelry

Photographed by

"The Playful Fawns" Set + Framed Photograph