Story Origin:

Shiewhibak Pueblo (Tiwa) aka Isleta Pueblo.

This Pueblo is located just south of Albuquerque on the

Rio Grande. Shiewhibak translates to “a knife laid on the

ground to play whib (a footrace)”.


Story Summary:

In the beginning when the animals first came up from the

darkness to live above ground, Coyoté was sent ahead by

Thought Woman to deliver a buckskin pouch far to the South.

He was given very clear instructions not to open the pouch or

he would be punished. For many days Coyoté ran southward.

With nothing to eat along the way he grew very hungry. He

wondered if maybe there was food in the pouch. Going against

Thought Woman’s warning, he opened the pouch only to find it

full of stars. The stars escaped from the pouch and shot straight

up into the sky. Because Coyoté disobeyed, Thought Woman

punished him with a toothache that made him howl and cry

everywhere he went. That is how it came to be that the stars are

in the sky and Coyoté still howls and cries everywhere he goes.


Jewelry, concept, and stories told by

Leah Prada Harrison of Yoté Jewelry

Photographed by Brandon Soder

"Coyoté Places the Stars" Set