Story Origin:

A’shiwi Pueblo (Zuni) aka Zuni Pueblo

The Zuni Pueblo is located south of Gallup. A’shiwi translates

to “the flesh”.


Story Summary:

This tale attempts to explain how it is that Coyoté came to have

brown eyes. One day while wandering around, Coyoté came

across a wide sandy place where three crows were amusing

themselves by rolling their eyes on the ground. He asked if he

could join the game. They invited him to see who could roll

their eyes the furthest. After a few attempts and losing to the

crows Coyoté became very upset. Knowing he was upset and

that he could easily make a meal of the crows they challenged

him one last time. This time he rolled his eyes the furthest and

the crows pounced on them and swallowed them whole. He

felt around for his nice black eyes but they were gone. He

found two smooth pebbles that were brown and placed them

in his eye sockets. They were to become his new eyes. That is

how it happened that coyotés have brown eyes.


Jewelry, concept, and stories told by

Leah Prada Harrison of Yoté Jewelry

Photographed by Brandon Soder

"The Brown Stone Eyes" Set + Framed Photograph