Story Origin:

Acoma Pueblo (Keres) aka Sky City.

This Pueblo is located 60 miles west of Albuquerque.

Acoma translates to “people of the white rock”.


Story Summary:

One day Insect Man went out to tend his squash patch to

discover that someone had been eating them. Bewildered, he

hatched a plan to catch the culprit. He found the sweetest

squash and hid himself inside of it holding a sharp stick. Soon

Coyoté came trotting along and began tasting all the squashes.

After finding the sweetest one, he ate it up, with Insect Man

and all. Once inside, Insect Man began hunting around until he

found Coyoté’s heart. He stabbed the stick straight through it.

Coyoté fell over dead. When Coyoté came to life again he never

stole another squash, but this is how it came to be that coyotes

have false hearts.


Jewelry, concept, and stories told by

Leah Prada Harrison of Yoté Jewelry

Photographed by Brandon Soder

"The Stolen Squash" Set + Framed Photograph