Billy Zane

House paint on masonite

66 x 35"


"The gravity of the situation is a study in vertical living. As someone who paints on the ground, this departure was refreshing and signifies the things beyond our control yet still subject to our world view. The materials dictated again the manner with which they were employed. A masonite, faux brick panel in a mirror crate, was shamelessly commandeered from a work space, art alley of found and discarded objects lovingly provided by the hosts of The Desert Compass Inn off The Old Town road. Under the cover of night and with the generous encouragement of fellow artist Jodie Harrera I went to town on the brick with a signature paint palette reminiscent of mid century abstraction work and 70’s muscle cars. The result suggests to me anyway, a New York Garrett and alley way. The discarded, stalwart hold out against pop art and basic commerce for that matter likely happening inside, on the other side of the wall."

"The Gravity of the Situation"