Story Origin:

Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo (Tewa) aka San Juan Pueblo

This Pueblo is located just north of Santa Fe. Ohkay Owingeh

translates to “Village of the strong people”.


Story Summary:

This tale centers around Coyoté’s trickster qualities, the moral

of which has to do with work ethic and expectations. In this

story Coyoté crosses paths with Turkey while out hunting. He

is excited to find Turkey so early in his hunt and directs him to

his home for his wife to cook. He decides to retire in the sun

for the rest of the day. Meanwhile, Turkey goes to Coyoté’s

home and tells his wife that Coyoté wants a sinew stew for

dinner and then leaves. Coyoté comes home to

disappointment. This is how Coyoté learns that relying on

others instead of doing the work only leads to disappointment.


Jewelry, concept, and stories told by

Leah Prada Harrison of Yoté Jewelry

Photographed by Brandon Soder

"The Turkey's Message" Set + Framed Photograph