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Robin Dick

Assemblage. Mixed Media Artist.

With a background in design, inspired by her Mother’s love of miniatures, Mexican ofrendas, reclaimed and distressed relics, Robin Dick brings an insightful sophistication to her assemblage pieces. As spontaneous manifestations, they are a collaboration between timeless, curious objects and a moment in our lives that is quickly fading. Inquisitive, haunting and naive, these cherished works enshrine the ordinary and entertain the imagination, allowing the viewer to create their own story.


In her constructions, Robin merges her passion for the aesthetic nature of objects with inspiration from travel, music, the beach, and the many people whose lives have touched her own. 

Robin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Design from the University of Kansas, with a Minor in metalsmithing and painting, as well as an Associate’s Degree in Communication Design from the Colorado Institute of Art. Robin was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, and was raised in Kansas City. After some formative years in Boulder, Colorado, she headed farther West to San Francisco, where she has resided since 1988.

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