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Allison Tinney

Printmaker / Painter / Mixed-Media

The art of Biotropicalism is an expression of wonder towards the natural world. I am inspired through the study of natural sciences and the stunning forms found in biology, geology and astronomy. In creating my art, I work to translate these captivating images into a visual chorus of color and composition, meant to strike an emotional chord in the eyes of the viewer.

Allison Tinney has studied and created art for more than 15 years, beginning at New School for the Arts in Tempe where she split her focus between vocal and visual arts. Tinney received her BFA from Arizona State University with a concentration in printmaking. Tinney's work is inspired by her travels to France, China, and Japan, as well, as the many years she spent living in New Mexico and Arizona. Tinney continues to explore different materials and processes in her corner studio at home in the Bay area.  

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