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Painter. Photographer. Mixed Media Artist.

My work evolves from a particular desire for refuge, a focus on what makes us vulnerable, and a deep interest in visual narrative. I’m fascinated with dissecting and thinking about the human experience and the ways in which we’re all connected. Many of my current paintings are about that constant struggle with chaos and control. The wood burned marks and painted dots speak to obsession and meditation and ritual. Hatch marks record time and important numeric events. Lines run through it all to create wavelengths and stability. The painted color fields come from a place of intuition and knowing. And weaving through all of that is this idea of magic; ordinary magic that lives in every aspect of our lives. I’m interested in the emotions and interpretations that people find in the exploration of my work, and less about directing their specific experience. Incorporating imagery that may include portals, nature, written text, and repetitive patterns, I’m creating a space where symbolic pictures can interact and elevate my pieces from the personal to the universal.

Originally from the east coast, Rachel Popowcer is an oil painter, photographer, and mixed-media artist. She received her BFA from Carnegie-Mellon University and her MFA from The University of New Mexico. She exhibits and sells her work extensively, and has participated in artist residencies such as the Vermont Studio Center. Popowcer is currently part-time Art faculty at CNM, and also teaches private online classes. Her recent paintings and photographic works focus on symbolic imagery and abstract forms to deal with the chaos and boundaries inherent in everyday life.

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