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Bianca Loscocco of Liminal Clay


My studio practice focuses on presence, process, and collaboration with material. Clay has body, skin, mass, and a will of its own. It holds a mirror to the person working with it, shedding light on parts of ourselves that slip through the cracks of conscious awareness. I strive to embrace those liminal spaces in my work, which is rooted in emotional and somatic experience. Through this approach I hope to hold space for viewers to feel seen and understood in their most vulnerable moments. In practice, my work finds meaning through process: I coil, throw, sculpt, hollow, pit fire, wood fire, dig for clay, test, and play. I fire in atmospheric kilns when possible with the intention of cultivating a direct collaboration with the elements. The results of all these processes remind me that my own existence is a collaboration between the world within me and the world around me.


Bianca is an emerging artist born 1994 in Boston, MA who began pursuing her path in clay in 2013. She received her BFA in Ceramics in 2016 from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and has pursued internships, residencies, retail work, and production work in the ceramics field in the years since, while showing work regionally and nationally. Most recently this includes an apprenticeship in Taos with Logan Wannamaker, which was the opportunity that brought her to New Mexico in 2019. She has found a home here and carries a deep respect and gratitude for the land and community that have been so welcoming.

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