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Marcelle Bowman

Artist. Illustrator. Actress.

“I have been a collector and obsessor of bits of nature for as long as I can remember. I find the desert of New Mexico to be a truly magical place. The rocks I use in my pieces are foraged by me in the desert and arroyos of Northern New Mexico; with the help of my dog Chuck who is always at my side.”


Marcelle Bowman is a mixed media artist, illustrator, and actress based in Albuquerque, NM. After a dynamic 8-year acting career, Bowman left Los Angeles for Northern New Mexico. Shortly after arriving, the world came to a grinding halt with the coronavirus pandemic. During the shift, she found herself craving to get back to her creative self and began deeply connecting with the high-desert landscape. She started collecting rocks during her hikes, organizing them, photographing them, deconstructing them, and starting the process over again. Bowman describes her work as cathartic, grounding, and a tool to help her find her way through the chaos. 

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