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Danielle Hacche Lapis Room

Danielle Hacche

Painter. Mixed Media Artist.

Danielle Hacche was born in Poole, Dorset in the Southwest of the United Kingdom. After moving to the United States with her family in 1993, Danielle attended New School for the Arts where she was able to focus on developing her style and craft in high school.  After graduation she pursued a foundation degree at Falmouth College of Art and Design back in England, and then went on the The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where she completed her Bachelors of Fine Art with a Presidential Scholarship. Danielle now resides in Phoenix, AZ.


With her new body of mixed media works on paper, Phoenix based artist Danielle Hacche demonstrates her prowess with handling materials and rendering exquisite paintings with designs and patterns informed by early 20th century Modernist art and architecture, contemporary cultural production, and her sophisticated sense of color aesthetics. Her hard edged line work recalls spiritualistic, theosophical theories of basic geometric shapes which influenced Modernist painters and textiles connected with the German Bauhaus. There is a weightiness behind the dedication and the specificity attributed to every move in Hacche’s oeuvre, her aesthetic is truly hybrid, synthesizing so many of the programs of geometric art from the past into new and original configurations. Her works strip away references to representational form and provide abstracted designs which seem familiar whether in an archetypal way or in provoking a longing for less cluttered, more simplistic and peaceful times and places.

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