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Kamio Media/
Kyle Maier

Photographer. Videographer. Hype Man.

Kyle Maier is a filmmaker based in Las Cruces, NM and Gettysburg, PA. His visual storytelling skills bridge a gap between artist interpretations and American history. Maier recently exhibited his collection at the Historic Santa Fe Foundation and is currently working on a full-length art and documentary film about Santa Fe in the early to mid-1900s creatively narrating the lives of many of the artists and personalities.

Electric Polaroid features the wild collection of Polaroids that Maier captured in New Mexico. The aforementioned, ongoing documentary about the history of art in Santa Fe led Kyle Maier to start shooting with vintage cameras. He discovered an old SX-70 Polaroid camera at a curio shop in Las Cruces and thought it would be a unique way to present the photographs with a retro aesthetic. While experimenting with the camera, he made a very fortunate discovery: he could produce Polaroids with a long exposure, and, thus made a beautifully unpredictable series of night images. His process was experimental, first exposures that were captured out of luck. Then through trial-and-error, he eventually learned how to moderately control his exposures.

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