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Alec Enzo

Painter. Mixed Media Artist.

Art making is the most reaffirming practice in my life. It is the stage on which I find praise,

competition, and most importantly collaboration. I particularly enjoy the absolute

freedom of painting; the only rules and limitations are the ones I create. My work is about corralling chaos and making sense of human experience. It is made up of a collision of techniques, source materials, and my unique New Mexican point of view about life. My

formative years of growing up in Sante fe surrounded by high and low art laid the

foundation for my artistic approach of infusing childlike playfulness with a dash of adult

complexities and sensibilities.

The themes of my work explore the juxtaposition between Hope & Fear, Isolation &

Connection, and Comedy & Calamity. It is meant to provoke introspection about self and

society. And if that seems like too much work, there is always the option to simply enjoy

it. No deeper meaning required. I often challenge myself with what I can sneak

in—Hidden faces, animals, symbolism—like a game of I-spy. One of my favorite

descriptions from a viewer is that my art looks like a billboard for Armageddon. “The

place where the last battle between good and evil will be fought.” If you study the pieces

you will see my complex relationship with existence and a life time spent in New Mexico.

I feel lucky to be here. Though “here” is not always splendid. It is at once strewn with...











And Possibility

The makings for rich and interesting Art making process.

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