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Selina Baca


Selina Baca was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is a multi-generational New Mexican, with deep ethnic and cultural roots there. After graduating as first generation in her family from UNM in 2017, Selina sought a way to get back to the light-hearted “play” in her life. Finding an artistic outlet was also a way to honor her talented late mother, Marisa, whom she suddenly lost in 2015.

As a child Selina was often found digging in the yard and collecting rocks, or beading with glass beads from the craft store. With those fond memories in mind, she began taking jewelry classes at the Santa Fe Community College. In addition she began learning about the spiritual connection to stones and semi-precious gems, of which she uses for her jewelry designs.

Her designs are often representative of her Hispanic/Catholic upbringing in Santa Fe, juxtaposed with inspiration from other parts of the world inspired by her travels.

Working in the jewelry industry in Santa Fe, she has been connected to incredible jewelry artists who have mentored and supported her work.


Selina vows to personally create each piece with integrity. All the pieces are made in Santa Fe with countless hours of love and thought into each design. 

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