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Brooke Design


Allysia Edwards grew up in the dramatic, beautiful landscapes of the Southwest, raised in a home filled with eye-catching Native American jewelry, rugs, and pottery. These various artifacts provided the aesthetic backdrop that has inspired her since, and the culture she was surrounded by is evident in her love of nature, her everyday style, and her creations. Jewelry in particular was a passion of hers from her earliest memories, and although the interest has been lifelong, it was only in recent years that Allysia had the opportunity to actively pursue the craft.

Deanna Jacobson in San Diego, CA was the first teacher Allysia worked with in 2014, when she started taking various classes in Silversmithing and Lapidary. Jacobson became a sort of mentor as well as a friend outside of class, encouraging her to work in the studio and creating pieces together. Perhaps the most important lesson learned from the experience was that it’s never too late in life to start something new, as Edwards was initially unsure about the undertaking of a new, time-consuming venture in her late 30s. Always up for an adventure, she persisted, fell in love with the craft, and noticed, as the process began to feel more organic, that many elements of it came naturally to her. Eventually she found her own unique style which she describes as Southwestern with an Art Deco twist.


In June of 2019, Allysia left San Diego and returned to her hometown of Durango, CO to take care of her grandfather. Shortly after his passing, the pandemic hit, and Allysia was unsure where her life would take her. This was the catalyst to her decision to try and turn making jewelry into a career rather than a hobby. Three years later, she has a well-established business of her own, right back where it all began, amongst the mountains and canyons of Colorado.

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