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Noé Barnett

Painter. Mixed Media Artist.

Noé Barnett, an emerging painter and important figure in the mural community, was born and raised in Albuquerque, NM. Throughout his life he has always been an outsider and this medial life experience has given him the ability to see both sides of a very polarized and dualistic society. He uses his work as a bridge between groups and a tool to shed light on a number of topics. Unity is a dominant theme in his projects as he strives to create opportunities where deeper conversations can be achieved. ​​He expands the work with light as both a subject and medium in his studio practice. Striving to include a broad spectrum of views and perspectives, each piece is built on a painted representation of the visible light spectrum. Moving from Ultraviolet to Infrared, Barnett provides space to consider how races, cultures and ideologies can come together as a community and stay in the light. He serves as a mediator in much of his work by focusing on what is shared and to provide space as a catalyst for growth.

My work is driven by light and life. Both in the physical and metaphysical. I use the visible light spectrum, ultraviolet to infrared, in all of my work as the foundation. Building on light and the possibilities that can happen in the range of what we can see, to accomplish what we can’t. This light is representative of faith, hope, love and all things good, but it comes at great cost. We must go through tough experiences and endure the dark nights of the soul to have gratitude, be humble and connect with individuals on a deep level. The goal of my work is to illuminate this dynamic relationship and serve as a reminder to find value in all stages of life. The work is unashamedly didactic, using beauty and execution as a tool to gain some credibility and standing with the viewer, allowing them to give me a chance to speak into their situation.


All light is not transmuted into something positive. The same light that melts ice, hardens clay. The aim is to act like a plant and synthesize the light into something beautiful, something productive that others can use. Because the light is worth the weight. 

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