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Yoté Jewelry

Jeweler. Historian. Storyteller.

Leah Prada Harrison is a multi-faceted artist and Jeweler who lives and works in Northern New Mexico. As a New Mexican who was born and raised on her ancestral lands, she takes great pride in her culture and her mixed identity - both of which are a direct result of the complex history of this territory. While her diverse background in Art, Anthropology, Archaeology, and fourteen years spent studying and performing Middle Eastern Folkloric Dance offer a great deal of influence in her designs, her primary inspiration is Folklore from around the world. She also draws deeply on her Genízara identity to inform her work. 


Her jewelry designs are rooted in traditional Southwestern aesthetics but they also combine modern and other-worldly ornate details. The design concepts are primarily dependent on the collection and the story or concept inspiring it. She believes that like folklore, jewelry serves a key role in the human experience.

“Jewelry is its own form of storytelling. It can inform us about one’s personality, social status, belief systems, and values. It silently communiticates a great deal of information about both the individual wearing it and it’s creator. It will outlive generations of humans and continue to tell that story long after we are gone. It is the most tangible form of personal storytelling we have and as such holds great value that far surpasses any kind of monetary value.”

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