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Yoté Original Folk Art


Yoté Jewelry

Jeweler. Historian. Storyteller.

Leah Prada Harrison is a multi-faceted artist and Jeweler who lives and works in New Mexico. As a Genízara who was born and raised on her ancestral lands, she takes great pride in her culture and her complex identity. While her diverse background in Art, Anthropology, Archaeology, and Folkloric Dance offer a great deal of influence in her designs, her primary inspiration is Folklore from around the world. She also draws deeply on her Genízara identity and cultural traditions to inform her work. 

Ancestral knowledge is a light that each of us holds. Keeping that light burning is the responsibility of each generation. It is a compass and a form of sunshine that will guide us through each phase of life. By keeping our intrinsic light of knowledge aflame we are able to survive anything, because no matter how hard things get, someone in our lineage survived extreme (and likely far worse) circumstances in order for us to be here today. By honoring our ancestral knowledge, we turn toward the light.

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